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Southern Precision Rifles

For the week of 2/1/16

  We are now fluting barrels, 6 or 8 straight flute only, 7 day turn in the shop (add in comments section of order, 6 or 8 flutes and where to stop the flutes)

  Savage, Remage, Bighorn, Mausingfield, and Ruger Precision Rifle barrel nut style pre fits.  Accuracy International replacement barrels; delivery 30 days or less with in-stock barrels

  Thunderbeast Ultra 7 and Ultra 9 in stock

  Bartlein, Krieger, Rock, and Mulleroworks inventory refreshing 2/3

  Mullerworks 6mm and 6.5mm cut barrels in stock

  Kelbly F-Class Panda actions in stock 11/13

  Hawk Hill barrels coming up early Feb 6mm and 6.5mm




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