REPEAT customer rebarrels: 4 months
NEW customer rebarrels: not at this time
complete rifles from our parts: 5 months
rifles from your parts: not at this time

-RELIABILITY... Count on it!

-ACCURACY... You won't be dissappointed.

-FUNCTION... First time, every time.

-CUSTOMER SERVICE... Among the best in the industry.

-COMPLETION DATES... We hate to wait too, so expect your project to finish on time.

Here at Southern Precision Rifles, we aim to produce high quality work without excessive wait times.  We have an advantage that we likely have most, if not all parts on the shelf to build a barreled action or custom rifle.  We are networked with other gunsmiths to expedite subcontracted services, share reamers, and exchange products. 

We build complete rifles, rebarrel, thread muzzles for brakes & suppressors, etc.  Our work shows high attention to details, and the accuracy should impress.  Load development is available and is on a case by case basis according to your accuracy requirements

Please click on the "Prices & Services" link for a general list of services available.  You can always call with your questions.

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