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Jewell Trigger
HVR-L-TS for Remington.  Top LEFT safety, no bolt release, 1.5 lb pull ..
Jewell Trigger
Benchrest trigger, no safety, no bolt release ..
X-Mark pro trigger
Remington X-Mark pro trigger ..
Timney trigger
Timney 510 trigger, for Remington ..
Deviant Tactical Short action, 308 bolt face, .062 firing pin.  Integral 20 MOA rail and..
Timney trigger
Timney Calvin Elite single stage trigger, for Remington and customs this is Timney #520C..
Thunderbeast Ultra 7 CB (Compact Brake) mount, 5/8-24 black ..
Kelbly Action
Stolle F Class Panda, short action 308 bolt face, right bolt/dual port, polished, coned bolt, TG ..
Bighorn Action
Bighorn SR-3 short action with 308 bolt face and integral lug, 20TPI tenon.  Trim tang,..
Timney trigger
Timney Calvin Elite two stage trigger, for Remington and customs.  8oz/1lb pull thi..
DBM, Surgeon SA
Surgeon short action DBM with one 5 round AICS mag ..
DBM, Surgeon LA
Surgeon long action DBM with one 5 round AICS mag ..
DBM, Badger M5 SA/308
Badger Ordnance short action DBM with one 5 round AICS mag ..
set pillars and bed with Devcon 10110, clean up in the mill. ..
Muzzle Brake
Badger Ordnance thruster muzzle brake.  5/8-24tpi 1" round, 2.29" long ..
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