Just wanted to pass on some info. I finally got to go out and stretch the legs of my rifle a bit on Saturday. It has been a busy winter and spring for me. But anyway, I shot it out to 700 yards. At 600 I was able to shoot a 5 shot group just under 3 inches. At 700 right over 3 inches with 5 shots. At 3, 4, and 500 it was all under 1/2 MOA. All this with winds from 3 to 12 mph. So I am very pleased. It is a joy to shoot, it is honestly all I could have asked for in a rifle. You did good.

One other thing that is really impressing me is the velocity I am getting out of that thing. I am loading 44.5 varget in Lapua brass with 175 smks. I chronoed 40 rounds the other week and my average was 2661. I was honestly amazed I am getting that kind of velocity out of a 19 inch barrel. I was honestly figuring it would be in the mid 2500s. I was shooting with my cousin Saturday and his is a rem 5r milspec with a 24 inch barrel. We are shooting the same load with exception he uses winchester brass. At 700 yards I was a half a mil less on my adjustments that he was. It took me 5 mils and him 5.5 to make the same hits. Based on that I am figuring about a 100 fps diff in velocity between the two rifles. His has the 24 inch barrel also. I keep thinking something must be wrong, but the data at those ranges seems to be the proof.

I am headed to a 4 day precision rifle class the first week in May. Really looking forward to the class, we shoot out beyond 1000 yards in this class, so it will be fun to spend some more time with it.

Thanks again Greg, you built me a dandy and I appreciate it.


I wanted to write to let you know how ridiculously happy I have been with your work on the rifle I sent you. It took a few rounds for the new barrel to "settle in" so to speak, but this has been the most accurate rifle I have ever owned. It just stacks our issued Black Hills 168 gr AMAX ammo in one hole time after time. Another happy surprise is that there is ZERO POI shift when I switch to our barrier ammo (Federal 168gr Bonded Tip) at 100. It doesn't like the barrier ammo quite as well, but it is still much better than anything I have used previously.

I want to thank you for the fast turn-around time, your help answering questions, your fair prices and the personal attention to paid to this project for me. You have a happy customer for life, and any future projects I have, you will be my first and only stop. I can't thank you enough.

Ofc. John T. Latzke
Stillwater Police Department

My son and I dragged out two new rifles, to break in, last Saturday. One is a custom AR15 built by one of my friends here. Another is the .300 win. mag. you built for me. I don't know how necessary it is, but we do the "shoot one, clean, shoot one, clean" for the first 5, then shoot 2, clean, shoot 2, clean, then gradually move the intervals out. That barrel does NOT pick up much fouling. We use Shooter's Choice for powder residue and general cleaning, and Sweet's 7.62 for fouling removal. In addition, even though we are just now fire-forming brass, and have low loads in, the groups are very nice. My son shot a 3 shot group that was nickel-sized. 100 yards. Nice shooting rifle! I put a Vari-X III on it, 6.5-20. Again, the country in which we hunt elk requires shots from 175-550 or so. I am confident that a 180 grainer, or even a 165, will do the job for me. Nice rifle!


Just wanted to let you know that the 308 you built has exceeded all expectations, its nice to have a project finish on budget and on time. I quickly got bored dumping rounds through the same hole, so I switched to shooting coins. Funny thing is I have no more interest shooting at 100 yards anymore. Last time we shot at 300 was actually starting to get a little boring too...

thanks for everything

Lou Zalesnak
Louland Gun Club

I had Greg at Southern Precision Rifles rebarrel a Remington 700 long action in 30-06 1:8 twist with a threaded muzzle. Machining was ammaculate, turn around was as promised. Best part is the gun shoots better than my abilities, makes me look like I know what I'm doing. I'll be sending in a couple more actions as soon as I can round up the $$$.

Tim Youtsey
Good To Go Tactical LLC


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